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Hi, I’m Cat.

I'm a copywriter based in East London with over 9 years' experience in the third sector.I have written and edited for charities, social enterprises, businesses, freelancers, and government bodies, including the NHS & the Guardian.I provide:

Copywriting, Editing & Proofreading for:

• websites
• e-newsletters
• annual & impact reports
• articles
• case studies
• training materials

• research papers
• health information
• press releases
• print materials like leaflets
• and more – get in touch!

I also provide:

One-page websites – ideal for small projects or freelancers

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It’s easy for the message of why your work matters to become muddled or lost in the day-to-day.I unearth and communicate clearly and effectively why your work makes a difference.

By getting to the heart of the matter, we can move your audience to act.

These aren’t just pretty words – there’s a science to it.I have a MSc in Medical Humanities (1st) from King’s College London.I studied why some patient stories pack an emotional punch that changes minds and policy while others don’t.I use this expertise and my experience to produce beautifully written and structured words that move.


• I use a content design approach for web copy that puts the user first

• I use wordpress, drupal, movable type and other CMS systems

• I'm well-versed in mental health and co-production approaches

• I'm trained in producing health information that meets quality standards

• I can advise on software like e-newsletter and social media schedulers

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and get it sorted

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